A creative oasis in the city!

A creative oasis in the city!

In this blog post, we want to share a bit about our space and what you can learn at Atelier Forma.

We offer a variety of classes at our studio, but what is the difference between them? Here is a little story to take you on a journey through our studio and the different levels of classes we offer. In our next blog post, we will share more about our pottery workshops, and other exciting events coming this spring.

A creative oasis in the city!

Imagine an oasis of ceramic creativity in the most prominent areas of Montréal! Atelier Forma’s two unique and beautiful locations are precisely that. Upon entering the Saint-Laurent location, you are immediately struck by the colorful murals, green living wall and spinning wheels for creating pottery. Feel free to browse our boutique and continue in the studio space where you can set up your clay and start working. Think of the Fabre location as the cozier sister studio with warm and inviting living room vibes.

Beginner classes

The beginner-level classes, guided by patient and experienced instructors at the studio, are adapted to each student’s pace and introduce you to wheel throwing and/or hand-building techniques. In these classes, each student learns how to create their own ceramic vessel and glaze it during the last class. What makes Atelier Forma’s beginner-level classes special is how comfortable and confident the instructors make you feel and how much you end up learning. In addition, you can practice autonomously during the extra open studio time on the weekend for wheel throwing. Open studio time for our hand-building class will soon be available as well.

Intermediate classes

If you already have a background in ceramics, this array of courses is for you. They help you build on the knowledge you already have and can further develop skills such as making more complex forms on the wheel or large sculptural hand-built forms. Working at this level enables students to access the instructors’ pool of knowledge based on years of experience. They will encourage you to advance your work and broaden your ceramic landscape with their contemporary approach.

Special focus workshops

These three or four-week workshops are curated for individuals who already have a deep understanding of ceramics and pottery. With the aid of the instructor's expertise, you can delve deeper into your practice!

Intro workshops

In addition to the classes, which are more of a long-term commitment, you can have a go with playing with pottery during Atelier Forma’s one-day or 2-week workshops. Here you can get a taste of various pottery methods, such as wheel throwing, hand-building, coil, slab or pinch pot and/or various surface decorations. These workshops are designed for individuals of all skill levels and are an excellent way for beginner pottery enthusiasts to begin their practice.

New workshops!

We are working on bringing new workshops to our space this spring. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the registration emails when new dates are published.

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