Bojana Kolarevic

Montreal based ceramist, Bojana Kolarevic, has been honing her skills in ceramics since 2012. She is the founder of Atelier Forma,  the space which focuses on bringing together Montreal’s artist community. Originally an Interior Designer, Bojana has merged her passion for ceramics with her design practice. Her preferred medium is black stoneware, often left unglazed to reveal the raw qualities of clay.  The dark element of clay is balanced with tones of white satin glaze. She draws her inspiration from the sudden body movements reflected in her work, which is unrefined and open to interpretation.


Jeff Mann

I come to clay from a background in sculpture and visual arts. As a maker, I am oriented towards sensual engagement with material, repetition, and craft as an embodied practice. I work primarily with hand-building, creating ceramic objects both sculptural and functional. 



Tara Dougans 

With a specific interest in non-linear and body-informed making practices, I am attracted to the feeling-focused nature of working with clay. In parallel to sculpture, I explore colour and form with sound, and through touch – and work across drawing, painting, audiovisual collage (video) and (improv) movement. 


Sarah Boyer

Sarah started working with clay in 2019 and fell in love with the physicality of the practice. She has completed classes at other studios in Calgary and Montreal, and is proud to be a part of the community at Atelier Forma.

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Nomi Juhasz

Nomi is a queer ceramicist and textile artist. Having worked with clay since childhood, they have found it is an excellent medium with which to express and embody emotion. Nomi primarily works on the wheel, but is also very comfortable with a variety of different techniques. Nomi especially likes throwing lidded vessels and large pots. Nomi is currently studying glaze chemistry, and how to make their own glazes. Nomi used they/them, and iel pronouns.

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Florence Brouillard

I am from Quebec and I have always loved playing with earth and clay. I am very passionate about transfering this connection to clay, especially to kids.  I  teach hand-building kid’s workshops and supervise open studios at Atelier Forma since 2020. My work with hand-building involves constant exploration of new textures, glazes and finishes. The next chapter is wheel throwing!