Our story

What stands today as Atelier Forma started as an after-hours Montreal pottery project and sanctuary-making space in a Saint Henri single-car garage. In 2022, In collaboration, Bojana and her partner Nico have decided to merge their passions for ceramics and craftsmanship and establish a creative hub in the city with two locations that support local artists and makers. You can read more about the whole evolution of the project here.

Bojana Kolarevic

Montreal based artist, Bojana has been honing her skills in ceramics since 2012. She is the founder of Atelier Forma,  the space which focuses on bringing together Montreal’s artist community. Originally an Interior Designer, Bojana has merged her passion for ceramics with her design practice. Her preferred medium is black stoneware, often left unglazed to reveal the raw qualities of clay.

Nicolas Mory

Nico is a Computer Scientist with a strong background in ecological modeling and a special focus on Green Infrastructure, Agroecology and Human-to-Other-Than-Human interactions. He has been working as a consultant in various environmental fields for over a decade and joined Atelier Forma as a partner in 2022. Since then, he has created and implemented multiple human-scale and computer-level systems which have helped streamline our services to our greater audience.

He also periodically organizes foraging workshops, wilderness immersions and natural sound bathing sessions in the scope of culturing bridges between Human and More-Than-Human Life while providing opportunities for Deep Listening/Relaxation in an often disconnected and hectic World.

Nomi Juhasz

Nomi is a queer ceramicist and textile artist. Having worked with clay since childhood, they have found it is an excellent medium with which to express and embody emotion. Nomi primarily works on the wheel, but is also very comfortable with a variety of different techniques. Nomi especially likes throwing lidded vessels and large pots. Nomi is currently studying glaze chemistry, and how to make their own glazes. Nomi used they/them, and iel pronouns.

Check out their work at

Tara Dougans 

With a specific interest in non-linear and body-informed making practices, I am attracted to the feeling-focused nature of working with clay. In parallel to sculpture, I explore colour and form with sound, and through touch – and work across drawing, painting, audiovisual collage (video) and (improv) movement.

Brenda Toscano

Brenda came to Montreal from Mexico, to get her PhD in neuroscience. She stumbled into the world of ceramics during a quest to add a little more "life" to her work/life balance. After her first introductory workshop she was hooked. Ceramics became a space to unplug and play with a physical hands-on medium, while retaining that familiar technical aspect to the process that links it to science. What she loves the most is infinite creativity you can infuse to the forms created with just a humble piece of clay. What started as a mental escape has become a growing passion.

Naomi Charron

Naomi  first laid her hands on clay in 2004 and has been in love with it ever since. She completed her formal ceramics training in 2012 and now sells her creations around the world. Her work can be found on Etsy, Chic Basta, Port-au-Persil in Charlevoix and at select fairs and expos. She brings her considerable passion to teaching, sharing her unique problem-solving skills and creating a supportive environment often filled with laughter. Her teaching style helps people find their joy in clay and discover the enrichment that it offers. Her studio can be found at Espace Bouette in Mile End.

Omar Sotelo Olivares

Omar Sotelo Olivares Born in Iztapalapa. Carpenter by family tradition. Former student at cultural center FARO de Oriente in Mexico City. Passionate about literature, textures, shapes, materials and sounds, he believes in art as a means of healing. Check out his work at