Empty Bowls Fundraiser

We are excited to invite all our members, students and local artists, who are not part of our studio, to participate in annual fundraiser organized  by Corbeille de Pain. Our studio at 4561 St-Laurent will be a drop-off location for you to donate ceramic bowls/ mugs for this event. 

In addition you will a $25 tax receipt for each bowl/ mug that you donate. The money raised from the sale will go directly to help their existing programs. 

Please make sure to follow these steps before bringing your pieces to our studio:

  • Fill our THIS SURVEY in order to give your information to the organization (they will send you  a $25 tax receipt for each bowl/mug that you donate). 
  • With tape, indicate your name under each piece.
  • The dish must hold around 12oz (350ml) of liquid, as they will be used to serve soup (approx. size: 16.5 cm dia x 8 cm h). Make sure to indicate whether or not your dish is food safe.
  • Wrap each dish in paper or cloth in order for it not to break during transport.
  • Bring your donations  to Atelier Forma only during our working hours, to 4561 St-Laurent, latest March 7th. 

Please note that Atelier Forma does not take responsibility if work is broken or cracked during transport. We will do our best to keep all work safe before it is picked up by the event organizers.