Studio Rules - Health and Safety


  • All pieces must be wiped or unglazed at least 5 mm from the bottom of each piece.
  • Be careful and avoid contamination between two glazes.
  • If the glazes overlap, please keep the second layer above the centerline to account for the pouring of the glaze.

Handling of ceramics and kilns

  • All pieces that enter the kiln room must be checked beforehand by the teacher or supervisor.

Access to kiln room is reserved for staff only.

  • Avoid sanding your bisqued pieces. If necessary, moisten the surface and sand outside or over sinks with damp sandpaper.
  • Avoid creating clay and glaze dust (e.g., do not blow on your pieces, use a sponge to clean dry clay, mop, etc.).
  • You will be charged a fee for any damage to the kiln caused by your work.

Cleaning & Sanitation

  • Each student/member receives one shelf per session. Please manage your space accordingly, we cannot provide additional space.
  • Students and members are responsible for the cleanliness of their workspace and are expected to mop around their wheel/work area, wash and store all tools and equipment used, and wash/dry used plastics/tiles.
  • Clean on time to free up space in time for subsequent events.