Studio Rules - Production

General Guidelines


  • Taking your clay home and working from home during your class / membership is absolutely not allowed. In case that studio staff notices that you are doing so, we reserve the right to terminate your class / membership subscription and ask you to leave studio. 
  • Each piece must be marked with the shelf number (courses/memberships) or unique identifier number (workshops).
  • Note that at-home production is not allowed for classes or drop-in workshops. If you would like to bring pieces created at home, please check out the firing services section on our website.
  • Clay from outside of studio is not allowed.

An additional fee is applicable on any piece exceeding the following dimensions:

6-week session

  • 20-25 pieces with the maximal dimensions: 25cm (diameter) by 15 cm (height)

4-week session during the open studio/course

  • 15-20 pieces with the maximal dimensions: 25cm (diameter) by 15 cm (height) 

If the maximum size of any piece exceeds 25 cm (diameter) by 15 cm (height) the work will not be fired. For pieces exceeding this size, a firing service charge is applicable.